"The sun never sets on the British Empire"
was a true statement forover one hundred years.

"The Sun never sets on NDT Examiners who were
schooled,trained and began their NDT careers in Oklahoma" has been a
true statement since the early 1960's.
The land of the red earth, Oklahoma, boasts a multitude
of manufacturing and support industries requiring Nondestructive Testing.
Aircraft facilities, refineries, pipelines, power plants, gas
plants, sulfur plants, chemical plants, foundries, buildings, bridges,
etc; etc; etc; etc; are only a few locations where NDT is conducted
on a daily basis.

The Oklahoma Section of the ASNT includes members who are
experienced in conducting or providing NDT Method Examiners
to these manufacturing and support industries.
This Section has also included in its membership ASNT National Chairman,
Directors and Technicians of the year.

Let us not accept mediocrity as our fate nor take our freedoms for granted.
God Bless America


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